fan acc on JAEHO in paris

i just read a groundbreaking fan account on Jaeho, but she specified not to let the info leak, so i cannot rip it here. but i shall paraphrase what she said. haha!

French fan made friends with dong bang's driver (lucky bitch) who managed to get her all their autographs. she also asked if there is anything unusual about the boys. driver says the good looking blonde one always seems to be grouchy, bored and unhappy unless the leader is here.

i know i paraphrased it in a very boring manner but we're all jittery and feeling the Jaeho love all over again :) not to mention the several jae-grab-ho's-ass on Asia Song Fest and my favourite of Iple Live haha!


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guffaws... that's the backstreet boys picture of the month at Backstreet Paradise. guffaws... nick sounds like a little whiny girl back then. think he was about 16 in the pic. guffaws... he is also about half his size now. haha!

we're sort of doing a time capsule for the boys, so many embarrassing and shameful pictures such the above have surfaced. im sure these few days would be fun, laughing at them. gosh...


rain in china

OMO! after hanging around online for 10 hours, reports of my oppa in China finally came out! fresh from the oven, even though it's not about Mid Autumn Fest. Bi oppa safely reached China today, and here are the pics from FuMa press conference with him looking stupid :)

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slight digression: WATCHED JEONG YUNHO'S SOLO LIVE PERFORMANCE CRAZY LIFE!!! i was spazzing over it, right until i read reports of Bi (sorry yunho oppa, im still your good daughter). ITS INSANELY HOT LAH! yunho wasnt just Leader-shi, he was totally emitting hotness and sexiness. i love the way he says sweet seeeexy world, his dance moves with that insanely arrogant look, his constant uh uh uh. too hot man.

i bet if he goes solo he will totally follow this style, do a striptease dance and sing this kinda songs. so Bi, just more arrogant and fatherly. gosh, hope he doesnt do solo because im sure the Bi fans will attack him and i wont know what to do:(

AISH. im very 10000000% JEONG JI HOON AND JEONG YUNHO! gao meng ah... life isnt easy aint it (Young-Jae quote. haha!)

MRS JEONG, yeongwonhi:)



[Zong Guo Bao] Invitation for Rain to Go To Singapore (For Speed Racer promotion)

[Singapore News] The movie <Speed Racer> will be on screen in 167 countries, and Singaporean fans can anticipate to see Rain in the theaters on May 8 next year. The movie distributor Golden Village will try their best to invite Rain over to fully promote the movie! If all goes smoothly, another "Rain" storm might be coming!

During inquiries, the spokespeople of Golden Village indicated that Rain caused quite a big stir when he came to the lion city (Singapore) in the beginning of this year. <Speed Racer> will be Golden Village's biggest movie, and they hope to be able to get Rain to Singapore; with the help of his influence, push this movie up into the box office.

oh my God can someone die of happiness?


this time, singapore press and reporters, you better be good or i will kick your asses personally.


of course, my Bi-fandom will be intensified a hundred times after i watch Full House.

im so proud of my oppa for doing so well in Speed Racer and his recent achievements regarding the china concerts and Rainy Entertainment. not to forget his countless endorsements this few months, namely Nikon, Lotte, LG, Calvin Klein, Louis Vuitton, Clear, Fuma. honesly i hate the Clear shampoo CF and most of the advertisements seem to be selling Rain instead of the product. i shouldnt be complaining but sometimes for disgusting products like Fuma and Clear i'd rather Rain not be associated with them. 

my favourite endorsement is CALVIN KLEIN! if i post pictures here, this page would have to be censored, he's too hot. the pictures are just. nose bleeds, i cant describe. if you don like too much skin, Nikon and Giordano CF look great and Louis Vuitton suits are simply made for him. he's so manly >.< !

LOOK AT HIS CUTE HANDWRITING IN ENGLISH! yaksoke, no one will take your place in my heart, bi-oppa!
OPPA please attend more korean variety shows, bogoshiposeo!

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OMO. just complete FULL HOUSE IN 25 HOURS staying over at Jingyi (juliang's) house. HOW DOES ANYONE RESIST FULL HOUSE?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

my mind is full of Full House scenes and lines. 

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confused feelings

im honestly very confused about my feelings towards Jaeho now. i think im too jealous of jaejoong already >.< i wonder if jaejoong will still like yunho if yunho wasnt in his Leader-shii mode. i know I WILL! haha. okay im seriously reading too much into this whole thing, im mad, ignore me. haha.

love this yunho pic, but you are not allowed to have him. haha.

shit im getting really possessive eh?